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The Global Texan Chronicles Top Articles 2020

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Hey, can you even imagine what a crazy year we just navigated? Many things kept us on the edge of sanity, like a good book, a glass of wine, The Queen’s Gambit, or whatever it may be. And one solid we could rely on was the indie music that seemed to flow without an end. Oddly, the GTC was set to transition into a travel/lifestyle website but situations occurred and we had to stay put and it worked out as this year witnessed some of the best DIY music being released.

So, Thank You to You, the readers of this blog. We’re not flashy, we do this for free, and we truly believe in supporting the sounds and visuals of the up-in-coming artists, the long haulers, and everyone in-between. And here are the most clicked on articles of the past 12 unsteady months.

The Global Texan Chronicles Top Clicked Articles 2020

  1. …eyes black as night, BLACK NEEDLE NOISE Have THE BLACK CROWES covered
  2. GTC VIDEO PREMIERE: ALEX STOLZE – Orphan [Andrea Huyoff, director]
  3. Social conventions break us down, SINGLE: BAITS – Shed Your Skin
  4. …the best for you, SINGLE: SAER – Call Me Out
  5. …the nightmare of your dreams, SINGLE: HOLIDAY SIDEWINDER – Lazy GF [Coco Morier, producer]
  6. GTC EXCLUSIVE: AWSDOTR’s Hardy Hum Goes 5 Influential Albums + I’m Bad News
  7. PLAY IT AGAIN… Once upon a time, SINGLE: MATT YORK – Scent of Sin
  8. PLAY IT AGAIN…VIDEO/SINGLE: LILLY HIATT – Candy Lunch [A film by Joshua Britt / Neilson Hubbard]
  9. Do it like you feel it, VIDEO: AISH DIVINE – Jungly
  10. …all this singing in your screen will help it be alright: QUARANTINE MUSIC Pt. 1
  11. She knows, SINGLE/VIDEO: PHNTMS – Back Burner
  12.  …to be queen, JOSEPHINE JOHNSON – Built to Last
  13. …gonna give me hell, SINGLE/VIDEO: PHNTMS – Carabelle
  14. I feel nothing at all, SINGLE/VIDEO: CAT SFX – Doom Generation
  15. Breathing something heavy, SINGLE: FLIGHT ATTENDANT – Man Of Chaos
  16. John Fryer’s BLACK NEEDLE NOISE w/ Tom Berger – What A Wonderful World
  17. …I’ve made up my mind, SINGLE: MARLENE OAK – One Way [Jake Bugg, co-writer]
  18. …they can’t feel where VIDEO/SINGLE: WATERVILLE – Shadows
  19. One day I know You’re gonna have to fly: QUARANTINE MUSIC Pt 3
  20. Je t’attendais… Mårten Lärka – Alléz, Alléz


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