Marlene Oak
3. September 2020 By Walter Price 0

…I’ve made up my mind, SINGLE: MARLENE OAK – One Way [Jake Bugg, co-writer]

Marlene Oak – Northern Winds is available at Apple Music, Amuse Records.

Marlene Oak

by Walter Price

Let’s say you put on the recent album, ‘Northern Winds’, from Swedish singer-songwriter Marlene Oak and told me it was an LP conceived in 1976…before I knew any better, I’d wholeheartedly believe you. This album, one of the most cohesive of 2020, will remind you of the songwriting and sincerity that attracted you to the likes of Joan Armatrading, Linda Ronstadt, and perhaps Jeff Buckley as well.

While there isn’t any doubt about Oak’s ability to push her voice in any dramatic far-flung range, she has chosen to keep her vocal dexterity subtle and it’s solidly magical throughout the 8 tracks. The same thing goes for the production, handled by various talents behind the knobs, such as Oak, Jake Bugg, Linn Final, Niclas Edhenholm, Måns Lundberg and so forth. These soundboard wizards have let the lyrics and delivery take center-stage, to breathe as the melody heavy compositions delicately cradle the earnest beauty being laid-out.

Oak has teamed up with famed British songwriter Jake Bugg on track 6, “One Way”, and the results are brilliant. A song about taking control of one’s destiny, changing course if need be, this one fits the current times like a glove. I’m certain a lot of soul searching has been going on during the past several months and now, a song to soundtrack all the personal changes underway.

If you’re a fan of Pearl Charles, Conor Oberst, and/or timeless soft rock, then add this album to your must-have list. You can Stream both, the single ‘One Way” and the entire ‘Northern Winds’ LP, below.


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Music is everything to me and there is nothing better when everything falls on its place. This album would not have been possible without all the talented people who were involved in the making of this record. Together we have formed this album and soon it will no longer be mine- it will be yours. ” – M. Oak

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