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28. September 2021 By Walter Price 0

… it’s a new world, BEN MYERS Bad Blood LP

Ben Myers – Bad Blood LP is available at Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music.

Bad Blood LP

by Walter Price

The latest full-length, ‘Bad Blood’, from Kansas native Ben Myers is a stripped-down trip through a creative’s pandemic era thoughts. It isn’t fully clear if all 12 tracks were conceived during the past couple of years but the vibe throughout is that of isolation, desperation, defiance and, hints of hope and renewal. So all the pieces seem to fit.

I say hope, in the most abstract way, considering the current social climate. Myers, with his knack for writing songs that act straightforward but often have moments of perceived misdirection. Kind of like remembering a dream. You can explain all you want what happened in your slumber last night, but the nuanced details are never as easy to convey as you’d hope. So, while listening to this personal album laced with psych-pop tendencies, be cognizant that Ben Myers constructs his songs in a manner that leaves interpretation on the table. The songwriter’s experiences are the backbone here, but the best route to take is to have a couple of streams and soak in, translate and make these songs your own.

What is unwavering, is that we’ve all had a rough go of it as of late and Myers writes and produces his truths about it all and this is ever evident on this LP. And you can steam this shadow poet’s ‘Bad Blood’ as well as his Top Spotify Tracks, now at the GTC.


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bad blood lp

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