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FRESH! EOIN DOLAN Amulet of Love

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by Walter Price

Galway singer-songwriter Eoin Dolan has made quite the name for himself releasing timeless alt-folk music over the past several years. But he may have just outdone himself with his recent single, “Amulet of Love”. A song that the storyteller describes in an email sent to the GTC, “Amulet of Love’ tells the story of a community of early farmers who lived off the land approx. 3,000 years ago. It is a song celebrating our timeless and important relationship with the natural world.”

Pop songs rarely reach that far back for inspiration. So it seems fitting that this single’s arrangement isn’t reminiscent of anything from this decade. Rather, you’d be hard-pressed to not draw comparisons to those soft, earthy tracks that the mid to late 60s offered up. This is to say, “Amulet of Love” is pure mystical hippie vibed. From the subject matter, breezy linear vocal delivery to the instrumentation, Dolan has rooted this one deep into the past. And it’s a beautiful result.

“Amulet of Love” is taken from the forthcoming ‘Mirror Liver’ LP, expected on 29th October. A fitting calendar date, if you consider this quote from the album’s press release, “…the album tells a story of love, mysticism and day to day reflections of people who lived through the evolutionary times of Neolithic/Bronze Age Europe.”

You can stream this ode to ancient community and see its communal rituals, feat. Stonehenge, music video, now at the GTC.

EOIN DOLAN Amulet of Love

Artist photo/quotes courtesy of Eoin Dolan

Mirror Liver, features
Conor Deasy (keyboards)
James Casserly (Drums)
Adam Sheeran (Bass)
K. O’Brien (Synthesizer)

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Eoin Dolan
Artwork by Eoin Dolan
Mastered by Peter Montgomery
In proud association with Galway based collective, Citóg Records

Amulet of Love

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From an early age, I’ve always had a massive interest in history. This record gave me an
opportunity to explore the eloquent cyclic harmony of nature in all its glory through stone
monuments and hidden messages throughout our land. The human condition has remained
largely unchanged through the ages and I really wanted that to be at the forefront of my
thinking when it came to the creation of
Mirror Liver” – E. Dolan

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