tin tin lucinda r.
27. September 2021 By Walter Price 0

NEW MONDAY! LUCINDA R. Tin Tin (single)

Lucinda R. Tin Tin is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

Tin Tin lucinda r.

by Walter Price

First things first, this week’s new music is a tad bit older than most I introduce here each week. Lucinda R.’s delicate single, “Tin Tin”, was released earlier in April 2020. But its roots go back much further. A time capsule of emotional truths, if you will.

The track is a soft lament on wanting to be loved, touched, a search for connectivity. But when you consider the fact that this song was written by the Brisbane singer-songwriter when she was just 16, the overwhelming sense of loss/youthful aloneness and romantic daydreams wash over the poeticism.

I don’t want to write a long song
I don’t want to lose myself
I’m losing all my love for another
and I wonder why it doesn’t help
Lately, I keep falling ill
Lately I can’t get to sleep
Somtimes I wonder why I have a bed
I just wonder what I really need

I want a boyfriend
Just like tin tin
maybe I want
someone in the morn
someone in my darkest moments
I want to hold him
just like Lois who holds her superman
up in the air and stops her from falling

Lucinda R.’s near-whisper vocals accentuate the innocence and allow for a kind of coming-of-age sadness that we all, at that age, think will last forever. But this storyteller knows the outcome, yet she still lets every word in this song breath and it’s pretty timeless, tactile, and beautiful throughout. “Tin Tin” makes you realize that those moments of eager wants never really leave our memories for good.

You can stream these heartfelt memories and see the song’s Danny McShane-directed music video, now at the GTC.


+ Kentucky Star

Artist photo via Bandcamp

Written and Performed by Lucinda R.
Produced and Recorded by Matthew Redlich

Music video, filmed and directed by Danny McShane

tin tin lucinda r.

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Honey, I’m just being honest
that’s all I know how to be
Sometimes I hurt the ones I love the most
because I’m not as gentle as I think
Under all the armour
there’s a girl who loves to runaway
and she climbs too high
and she doesn’t know why
then she pushes everyone away

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