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5. October 2020 By Walter Price 0

Do it like you feel it, VIDEO: AISH DIVINE – Jungly

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aish divine

by Walter Price

The latest single from Aish Divine, “Jungly”, is a call for sexual liberation wrapped in the beautifully exotic. Parts UK Jungle, Indian tribal vibes, and a chorus that’s ready to stir up any dancefloor. With its sonic texturing and sampling an early 80s song from the film Silsila, “Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum” feat. vocals by Lata Mangeshkar, this track is new and exciting with each stream.

What good is love if you can’t hose my fire with the sap I want
What good is it, if I can’t taste it like wild giraffes
What good is love if you’re silent, vowels aren’t violent
What good is love if you don’t invade till they gotta make new laws

So baby give me some teeth, wanna feel you real deep, trap me till

Do it…birds do it, bees do it, educated fleas…

Do it like you feel it like you mean it
I want your junga junga jungly
Do it like you feel it like you mean it
I want your junga junga jungly
And after we’re done, I want your sweet

And to further the coolness and artistic brilliance of this release, you’ll have to witness the accompanying film directed by Jaclyn Gramigna. The music video starts off with a sidewalk assassination attempt and is quickly followed by a hard to explain set of surreal sequences. As the victim lies on an ambulance gurney, his mind goes deep into its recesses and the ensuing imagery, performance art, and interpretive dance are awe-inspiring. The contrasting dayglo and shadowy figures take you into a dreamscape of the nightmarish and sorta hopeful. But the twistiness of the storyline never ceases and the only way to know what’s real is to watch this film to its shocking end.

And its also important to point out that this video, with its 350k+ views, “features an all person of color, non-binary cast, a female-run production, and produced by Velocity Creatives run by Natalie Schwan.”

If “Jungly”, from the ‘The Sex Issue’ LP, doesn’t make several end-of-year Best of 2020 lists, I’d be stunned. As you’ll soon discover, this track is in a league of its own. Bravo Aish Divine and crew…


Artist photo and press materials courtesy of Public Display PR

The Sex Issue
Producers: Aish Divine & Beau Sorenson
Writer: Aish Divine

Jungly, the film
Director Jaclyn Gramigna
Producer Natalie Schwan
Music Aish Divine & Beau Sorenson @beaunoise
EMT: Ankhommon
DEITY / LEAD DANCER: Jeremy Moineau w/ EMG Models
DANCER: Kevin Rivera
DANCER: Bryanna Vogl
DANCER: Haze Kim
(full credits)

Aish Divine

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I’m tired of overproduced and unattainable depictions of sex, especially when we’re all cooped up inside our homes and life isn’t exactly a glossy magazine. With Jungly, the third single from my album, The Sex Issue, I want to feel something real. I want to connect with raw, primal, hedonistic, liberated desire.” – Aish Divine (Bandcamp)

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