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4. October 2020 By Walter Price 0


Sonia Leigh – Jack Is Back + is available at Apple Music, Spotify.

jack is back

by Walter Price

Songwriter Sonia Leigh isn’t particularly easy to pigeonhole. As you move from track to track and witness her talent for effortlessly transitioning from classic and modern country, alternative and blues based Rock N’ Roll. At times addictively elegant and sultry and at other times, raucous and ballsy.

I’m knocking down another round
This train done come off the track
I’m overdue for some 80 proof
She’s gone but I ain’t alone
Jack is back

I’m gonna paint this town
Neon black
Gonna raise a little hell with a long lost friend
Jack is Back

Leigh’s recent single, “Jack Is Back” (2017), is a slow burn bluesy barroom rocker. That whiskey-growl kick in the gut akin to what Pauline Andrès, Cobra Ramone, The Picturebooks are becoming well known for. Check out the infectious track below.

[30. August 2017]

You can, again, stream this stunner and the more recent raucous single, “King Without a Kingdom”, now at the GTC.


+ King Without a Kingdom

Artist photo via Facebook

“Jack Is Back” is from the Mad Hatter LP

Co-produced by Leigh, Mitch Dane, Mikal Blue, Frank Romano, Jazz Feezy, Scena, Frank Romano, Micah Wilshire

sonia leigh jack is back

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Where most artists put themselves in a box, Sonia Leigh maintains an individuality that is so liberating it extends beyond genre and ventures into a new world of self-expression. From her country upbringing to her rebellious city lifestyle, changes have always been a catalyst for creativity.” – bio

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