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by C. Price

Do you remember when Rock n’ Roll was still raw and authentic and well, loud? There is this band called The Temperance Movement that in my opinion exactly have these particular qualities. A few months ago they’ve successfully released their first full length, self-titled, album.

The quintet consists of singer Phil Campbell, guitarist Luke Potashnik and Paul Sayer, bassist Nick Fyffe and drummer Damon Wilson. They started playing together around 2011 and just finished an extensive tour around Europe and the UK. Oh and not to forget TTM just won the Classic Rock Magazine Award for Best New Band. Congrats on that guys!

You’d be a bit wrong if you wanted to simply classify their album as yet another band doing the 70’s throwback sound thing. Instead what you get is a group of master musicians who’ve graduated top of their class at the school of Let’s Do It Right or Not At All.

Here is my conversation with bassist Nick Fyffe.

[first published 30. November 2013]

You´ve probably answered this question a million times but we still need to know how did The Temperance Movement become The Temperance Movement?

We’d all been working as session musicians or playing for other artists and had either met or heard of each other before we came together as a band. Luke had met Phil a couple of years previously and after talking with Paul about starting a band, called Phil to see if he was interested in being a part of it. The three of them began writing material and after several months, I and Damon got involved. The first time we got in a room together, there was, an instant chemistry and we knew we had to make this work one way or another.

Your self titled full-length debut album came out Sept. 16, 2013. What has changed for you so far?

It’s basically got busier and the shows have got bigger. It’s been an amazing year for us and a lot of hard work. As we’re now signed to a label and have management, there are a few more people involved but we’re still essentially making all the decisions and overseeing everything from ordering merch to booking splitter vans. We run a tight ship!

Who produced the record and how much were you able to direct?

The album was produced by our-selves and Sam Miller, a friend, and great engineer/producer. As with everything Temperance Movement, we’re very much in the driving seat and Sam was a great co-pilot. He did an amazing job of translating what we do live to record. He totally got it. 

Were all the songs on the album written during the past 2 years or did some exist before?

Everything was written during 2011-2012 

You´ve got a sold out UK tour coming up. How do you prep for it and how much will be spontaneous on stage?

We’re prepping for the UK tour by driving around Europe in a splitter van doing shows in Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Norway, France, and Luxembourg. There’s no downtime for us and we’ll go straight into the UK tour. We’ve never really rehearsed that much. There’s always an element of spontaneity in the music.

We all know the framework of the song but will occasionally take it somewhere else. Last night in Milan, the p.a. was so excessively loud that we decided to do a toned-down version of Lovers and Fighters. We’ve recently been ending it all guns blazing but we took it in the opposite direction last night. We respond to each gig as we feel appropriate.

I have to ask, what´s the band members musical backgrounds? Your album just doesn´t sound like you picked up an instrument for the first time or started singing 2 years ago and decided to form a new band.

Ha! No, we’ve all been playing professionally for a while either in other bands or as session players. Between us we’ve played in all kinds of situations and with a broad range of different artists.  Everything we’ve done as individuals up to this point has made the band what it is. 

Talking about the beginnings of the band what was your proudest moment up until now?

For me, it would probably be selling out the Scala earlier this year, an 800 capacity venue in London. It was quite a jump up from the venues we had been playing and the gig itself was electric! We’re playing Koko next week, a venue double that size which has also sold out. We’re pretty excited about that! We’re all very proud of what we’ve managed to achieve up to now. 

If you were to headline a stadium tour who would be your pick as support?

Well if she were still alive, Sister Rosetta Tharpe would be great! 

Your fan base is growing day by day just looking at your FB followers. What´s the plan for next year?

More touring! We’ll be back in Europe in the spring and possibly later in the year too. We’ll be out playing in as many countries as we can manage. There’s talk of Japan and further afield but we’ll have to wait and see. 

Name 3 things on your bucket list.

SkydiveInvent something groundbreaking and amazingSell out Madison Square Gardens 

Name 3 songs that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

  • Something – The Beatles
  • Life on Mars – David Bowie
  • Angel – Jimi Hendrix 

What´s the worst venue you’ve played in?

Hard to say, I wouldn’t want to mention names in-case we ever had to go back there. I played a venue in Manchester that was pretty bad. I really don’t remember its name but it was underground and it smelled very, very bad! 

Name 1 nasty habit you can´t live without?

I’ve given up a few bad habits but probably the one I wish I could stop is obsessively checking my phone for any kind of activity. It’s a modern-day habit I think a lot of people have. 



Band photo by Rob Blackham

Phil Campbell – vocals
Luke Potashnick – guitars
Paul Sayer – guitars
Nick Fyffe – bass
Damon Wilson – drums

TTM/ Sam Miller – production, recording, mixing
Christian Wright – mastering

Russ Gilbert – artwork
Caroline Perjesi – photography (front cover)

Phil Campbell – vocals
Paul Sayer – guitars
Nick Fyffe – bass
Matt White – guitars
Simon Lea – drums

TTM/ Sam Miller – production, recording, mixing
Geoff Pesche – mastering

Stewart Chown – design & layout

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