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29. June 2020 By Walter Price 0

That’s what we get…VIDEO/SINGLE: THE CLOCKWORKS – The Future Is Not What It Was

The Clockworks – The Future Is Not What It Was is available at Apple Music.

by Walter Price

London-based Galway bred post-punk outfit The Clockworks have dropped a punch heavy doozy with their latest single “The Future Is Not What It Was”. A churning lament on how perceptions of the future don’t always pan out. Which, with the current state of worldly affairs, hits home harder than ever.

Who puts cops in the can?
Pander to backhanders?
Course they can
That’s just part and parcel of
The humdrum in the hustle man
Settling your debts
Betting on roulette
That’s what we get when
Narcissistic slickers

Trick us into more installment plans
Who puts a stop to The Man
Pander to backhanders?
Course they can ‘cos
That’s just part and parcel of
The humdrum in the hustle and
Everything is fine
Everything is fine
Oh, everything is…
Anodyne the mind with dreams
They’re selling from a Transit van

The future is not what it was
The future is not as good as it was

Poignantly angst-y, jangly and poetic and exactly the summer soundtrack staple that says what most of us are thinking… And if you’re a fan of Mission of Burma, Wipers and/or Echo and the Bunnymen, then this track is gonna sound nice on that disquieting playlist of yours. And you can check out a film comprised of past band images/clips, below.


Band photo by Oscar J. Ryan Photography

Produced by Michael Rendall and The Clockworks

James McGregor
Seán Connelly
Damian Greaney
Tom Freeman

the clockworks

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This song is about trying to bring together two main ideas: The feeling that everywhere you look things are going wrong, to the point of cynicism, and the way that the idea of the future is better that its reality. Art and articles in the past would talk about 2020 and expect us to be driving flying cars in houses that clean themselves where nobody has to work. In reality, we’re driving third hand Fiat Punto’s to 9-5’s that barely pay the rent. I guess the point is that the lifestyle may change but a lot of the problems are the same.“ – James McGregor

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