Paddlefish 3 July 2020
30. June 2020 By Walter Price 0

…in between two things, LP: PADDLEFISH – Flyer [Matt Dewine, producer]

Paddlefish – Flyer LP is available at Bandcamp.


by Walter Price

If you find your soul sonically linked to the era when Dinosaur Jr, Lemonheads, and Sparklehorse ruled your cassette player, then Chicago-based Paddlefish’s new 8-track stunner, ‘Flyer’, is going to move you. A biographical set that songwriter Owen Misterovich explains, “[It’s about] being a kid and feeling like you’re in between two things…you’re maybe not a kid anymore, you’re getting older, but you’re not an adult yet.”


Good As Dead
Built a Glider
The Web
Small Song
Oh Doctor

While each episodic track is heartfelt and standalone moments in time, at first listen or so, this set should be played in order to witness the memories of disenchantment and coming-to-terms-with play out. And you can hear the album, produced by Matt Dewine, below as well as watch a film for opening track “Good As Dead”.


Band photo by Renni Kieschnick

All Songs by Owen Misterovich

Produced/Mixed by Matt Dewine
Additional Engineering by Joe Misterovich
Mastered by Carl Saff
Album Art by Kevin Jolley

Missy Farrell
Bayden Fraley
Owen Misterovich
Zaida Wade


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Guess it’s time to craft my plan
Leave this place just like it stands
Think it’s time to make my home
On the place as old as stone

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