Joy Autumn Something in the Way
4. April 2023 By Walter Price 0

JOY AUTUMN vs. NIRVANA Something in the Way

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Something in the Way

by Walter Price

Enchanting vocalist Joy Autumn has released yet another spellbinding ode to her songwriting hero Kurt Cobain. This time round she adds a fairytale spin to the Nevermind deep cut “Something in the Way”. Accented by co-producer Anton Patzner’s chillingly beautiful strings intertwined with a haunting airiness, this redux breathes earthy mysticism.

Speaking to this Nivana’s super fan and why she choose this one in her catalog of covers, Autumn writes, “Here is my rendition of “Something In The Way.” It’s entirely fitting that it’s cold and dreary outside, and perhaps just like the type of Washington day that inspired Kurt Cobain. Legend has it that Cobain wrote this song about living under a bridge in Aberdeen… For me, singing this song brings back childhood memories of those sopping wet months in Olympia each year, wondering when the rain would ever stop… I hope you enjoy my homage to one of the greatest songwriters to ever grace this planet. Sending everyone love. It’s almost spring.”

The Cobain legend about whether, as a runaway, he truthfully lived under that particular bridge with its muddy banks and brisk waters has been contested by those in the know. But Cobain is one of the great modern American storytellers, so the authenticity of the folklore behind the song is without concern. What is, is that like most of his writing, he has inspired generations to create their very own artistic paths. Even in the direct shadows, he’s cast.

Joy Autumn is a voice for the ages and I, for one, am delighted to follow her retelling of Kurt Cobain’s legacy in song. You can stream “Something in the Way” as well as the more recent cover of “In Bloom”, here at the GTC.

JOY AUTUMN Something in the Way

+ In Bloom

Artist photo by Katrina Camille Manaligod // Quotes via Bandcamp &

Something In The Way
Written by Kurt Cobain
Produced by Joy Autumn and Anton Patzner
Vocals and Piano by Joy Autumn
Strings by Anton Patzner
Polaroid by Kathryn Dillion
Design by Jack Litchfield

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I’ve learned that I don’t need to have an extreme relationship or do extreme things to feel content. I can be happy with and inspired by a simple life.” – Joy Autumn

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