Only Rock and Roll
3. April 2023 By Walter Price 0

BROKEN BABY It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Hate It)

Broken Baby It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Hate It) is available on Deezer, Apple, Poor Man Records

Only Rock and Roll

by Walter Price

Buckle Up, Babies! LA’s purveyors of socially conscious rock n roll Broken Baby with their new single “It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Hate It)” are not only about to RAWK you but undoubtedly destroy your neighbor’s peace of mind along the way! But you may be asking yourself, how could a song that’s seemingly a delayed answer to a classic Jagger/Richards song possibly be socially aware?

My friend, you obviously haven’t listened too closely to the scathing lyrics yet. To be fair, perhaps the raw slow-burn sonic blast has rattled you. So BB has provided the ‘is rock dead‘ origin story, “Are we joking? Kinda. But also, not really. Maybe we should talk about how everyone is a rock star now. I hate it. Rock and Roll used to be dangerous. It’s like dinner theater now. But also, who cares. But also, we do. A lot.” Oh, my—So much blatant truth. So much so that some polyethylene souls are gonna weep.

But if you’ve been following Broken Baby, not in a literal sense, as closely as I have (again, in a non-creeper way) the past few years, you know that this outfit tries not to drop too many singles without some sort of captivating visuals as well. Worry not, there is a brilliant Charles Pieper-directed film replete with a fun game of, can you guess the real rock n roll heroes? Texturally, this music video is as dark and dazzling as they come. Big ups to makeup artist Caitlin Wronski and choreographer Daniel Marks, you two are STARS!

Look, social media has ruined many aspects of society. It’s unquestionably elevated far too many posers to great heights of notoriety. But at what cost to future generations of authentic weirdos making art? What does and/or would the real Vincent Furnier or Kurt Cobain have to say about the current situation…

For those about to rock, you can stream the homage to the glory days of the rebellious artist, “It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Hate It)”, here at the GTC.

I know it’s only Broken Baby but I like it

BROKEN BABY It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Hate It)

Broken Baby photo via Facebook // Artwork and quote courtesy of Poor Man Records

Broken Baby is Amber Bollinger and Alex Dezen
Written and Produced by Broken Baby
Mixed by Alex Dezen
Mastered by Whynot Jansveld

VIDEO: Directed by Charles Pieper
Cinematography by Daniel Marks
Assistant Camera by Jay Dallen
Edited by Daniel Marks
Makeup by Caitlin Wronski

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I used to make you proud
There used to be a crowd
But now we’re all alone
Behind closed doors
Making beats in our bedrooms
I gave myself to you
I shoulda held back
Now you’re just a mist
And now there’s no more hits

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