Home Of The Pale Horse
31. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

CAL WILSON feat. Artificial Intelligence Home Of The Pale Horse

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Home Of The Pale Horse

by Walter Price

It’s arguably pointless to mention that I’m somewhat of a music purest, of sorts. I like raw and emotional singer-songwriter-generated art, for the most part. I have also found myself both poopooing and secretly digging autotune to the gills tracks and that goes for over-produced and formulaic offerings as well. A real love/hate situation.

With that said, I fell instantly into the magic powers of the stunning recent Americana single “Home of the Pale Horse” from Vancouver, WA songwriter Cal Wilson. And, no, it’s not overly produced nor is it autotuned into something otherwordly—per se. Rather, this single was co-written with Artificial Intelligence! No doubt, Carl Sagan’s ears just perked up from the great beyond.

Nothing is more zeitgeist than AI joining a storyteller during a time of grief and subsequent writer’s block. Wilson recalls, “I felt like when my dad went away, my ability to create went away—he was also a songwriter and my first musical inspiration,”

I joined in, for the first time, ran a few words from the press release through AI, and speaking about the album “Home of the Pale Horse” is taken from, Wordtune said, “There are compelling comparisons to The War On Drugs, Big Thief, The Beatles, Harry Nilsson, Frankie Cosmos, and Tom Petty in the eight songs on In Your Head, their debut album. The album is a reflection of the singer’s struggles and hopes and a testament to their creativity and resilience. It is an album that will resonate with listeners and stand the test of time.” Ugh, not only surreal but quite similar to the original onesheet. IT’S ALIVE!

In all seriousness, “Home of the Pale Horse” is certainly a soul-stirring piece. Is it authentic? Yes, in so many ways… Take it for a stream or two, here at the GTC.

CAL WILSON Home Of The Pale Horse

Artist photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Public Display PR

Emotional journey by Cal Wilson

Written/composed by Cal Wilson & Artificial Intelligence (Cal.X)

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It’s an emotional piece. Not specifically about anyone or anything, but just about that feeling of being forever tied to something beautiful and how that thing can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s about hitching yourself to those things that you want waiting for you, and that you must have the patience to wait for.” – Cal Wilson

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