Lars Moston Poison
30. March 2023 By Walter Price 0


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Lars Moston Poison

by Walter Price

Firstly, Alice Cooper is one of my favorite people to hang with— super sweet soul with a penchant for the shadowy and then there’s Desmond Child. Never meet this purveyor of all things lyrically catchy that kept light metal in the upper rungs of the album charts for quite a while. So the team of Child and Cooper (w/ John McCurry) seemed somewhat of an odd team at first, but it did produce one of Cooper’s unlikely Top Radio Hits, “Poison” (1989). And a damn great track to sing along to at top level on any length of a road trip.

A forbidden fruit track that has been reinterpreted, covered, and has anchored some of the most memorable soundtracks as well. This is now and the duo of Murmur Tooth & Lars Moston have taken this concert fan favorite and transformed it into a dark and sultry rendition that’ll have any after-hour club patron swaying in slow-motion exuberance. But as moods tend to change, the pair have also released two additional versions/remixes to suit whatever emotional whim is guiding you.

We all know far too many that give love a bad name, but for the money and the nostalgia there aren’t many songs as indelible as Alice Cooper’s “Poison” and bringing the track into the zeitgeist underground club scene seems inevitable. And no better team to do it than Murmur Tooth & Lars Moston.

The redux of “Poison” is taken from the forthcoming ‘No Time To Explain‘ LP.


Artist photos, album artwork, and quotes courtesy of Murmur Tooth & Bandcamp

Written by Desmond Child, Alice Cooper & John McCurry

Redux/Remixes composed and performed by Leah Hinton & Lars Moston

Murmur Tooth // Lars Moston

The rather unlikely duo that is multi-instrumentalist Doom-Pop/Metal musician Murmur Tooth and House DJ/Producer Lars Moston have been exploring how their polar-opposite musical backgrounds can clash and combine. Their experimentation had resulted in this genre-defying assemblage, combining Leah’s composition skills and characteristic vocals with Lars’s production magic. The songs are dripping with layered harmonies and bursting with the weird and wonderful sounds of half-broken instruments, salvaged childhood toys, and repurposed household appliances. There isn’t really time to explain, so you’ll just have to listen.”- bio (Bandcamp)

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