Suzie True
10. February 2021 By Walter Price 0

…sexually frustrated, SUZIE TRUE – Toothache

Suzie True – Saddest Girl at The Party LP is available at Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

Suzie True

by Walter Price

Chock-full of coming-of-age angst-ridden truths, LA-based Suzie True’s 2020 LP ‘Saddest Girl at The Party‘ is 11 crunchy sticks of dynamite. One may equate punk flavored garage rock to be simple chords, repetitive lyrics tossed at the listener without much care of how they land. But not here, no way and how! Relatable thoughtfully orchestrated storylines that are reminiscent of those classic John Hughes/John Waters films that perfectly documented the realities of self-discovery. And let’s not forget all the well-honed musicianship disguised as who gives a F rock n roll. Some real catchy turn it up to eleven rock n roll going in here.

Take the single “Toothache”, for example. The anxiousness of holding a crush told with all the tasty guitar riffs and melodic vocals backed by just enough of a drum heartbeat to carry the song’s been-there-done-that melancholy. And to add even more to this soundtrack-ready song, check out the music video. Directed by Yr First Crush, it’s full of color-punch punk aesthetics, LA-centric characters, dive bar familiarity, and more retro style than the law allows…

And you can stream this trash-pop gem of a single as well as its film, now at the GTC. Oh, and if you dig your rock someplace between Best Fwends, Skating Polly, and Honey Cutt, then add this one to your favorite ugh-this-is-life playlist!


Band photo via Bandcamp

Lexi McCoy
Sarah H. Pineapple
G. Leonardo

Music Video directed YR FIRST CRUSH

Noah Ontiveros
Taggy Lee Mermis Bowers
Nicholas Colella
Dawn Whitacker
Candice Kuter
Kristin Petiford Ontiveros
Chris Greacen

Suzie True

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3 piece crybaby pop band from LA, singing about missing u!!!!” – bio

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