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…past to blame, ERIC HARRISON – Down, Down, Down (feat. Rachel Potter)

Eric Harrison – Gratitude LP is available Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

The 2020 album ‘Gratitude‘ from Fanwood, New Jersey’s Eric Harrison is one that nearly got away. A 10-track set that sonically spans several eras of singer-songwriter rock n roll. Hints throughout of Tom Petty, The Smithereens, Springsteen, Elvis Costello, and beyond, all of the songs here work as meditative vignettes often inspired by the zeitgeist and all are deeply rooted. A brilliant album chockfull of personal and deep-rooted Americana.

And to get you properly introduced to this future classic, have a listen to the track “Down, Down, Down”. Featuring Nashville’s mesmerizing Rachel Potter, this single comes in two indelible versions. The first, a classic rocker followed by the LP closer, an emotional country version that really cements this release as a must-have for any connoisseur of modern American folk-rock.

Inspired by an unlikely event, the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, the songwriter shares some heartfelt insight, “I tried to capture the rawness of loss and the desire to protect the people you love. But as hard as it is to watch the people you love get hurt, sometimes you need to hang back and let them figure it out. I view the song as kind of a reminder to check my savior complex and remember that hurt can turn to wisdom.”

Driving to work she plays the part
Smiling hard with a broken heart
And she can’t name her enemy
But she’s angry just the same
Looking for a way out of the game
They’ve got nothing but the past to blame

And you can stream both versions of “Down, Down, Down”, now at the GTC. And if your a fan of classic storytelling told through weighty rock n roll, then add this track and/or any from the LP to your favorite conscience-love-hope playlist.

ERIC HARRISON feat. Rachel Potter

Artist photo/quote courtesy of Public Display PR

All tracks, written by Eric Harrison
Engineered by Kevin Salem
Produced by Eric Harrison & Kevin Salem

eric harrison

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Thank you, friends, across the globe for your encouraging responses to the new album, for joining me and chiming in during my Sunday night shows on the porch, and generally for reminding me why I love making music.” – E. Harrison (Facebook post, January 18, 2021)

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