How Did I Get So Lucky
5. April 2023 By Walter Price 0

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How Did I Get So Lucky

by Walter Price

There’s an indelible duality going on with the recent single “How Did I Get So Lucky” by NYC- based Amanda Cross. Plenty of her Oklahoma roots wrapped around her big-city ambitions. Recounting all the beautiful ingredients that make small town livin’ what it is, family, neighbors, and big skies, to name a few. But, as I know far too well, the big city and all its razzle-dazzle has to offer an eager creative can also be a powerful tractor beam as well.

Cross’ down-home vocal warmth met with that big crunchy guitar also adds to the two pictures this song is painting. But, for the singalong inclined, you gotta feel the chorus. “How did I get so lucky// How did I deserve this// How did I get to be so blessed// How did I get here// How did I get so lucky// I guess you gotta stop for a minute to look at what you been given// How did I get here…” Kinda makes you wanna stand at the corning of 7th and Broadway and spin around looking up in awe, doesn’t it.

For folks with larger-than-life dreams who never forget that home is where the heart is, you can stream “How Did I Get So Lucky”, at the GTC.

AMANDA CROSS How Did I Get So Lucky

Artist photo by Shervin Lainez // Lyrics via Bandcamp

Written by Amanda Cross and Alex Salzman
Produced by Alex Salzman

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Time flies when you’re growing up in a small town
before you know it you’re out there on your own
from the ends of the earth far away I think of you
always calling me back/ you’re my home
Oh I’ve seen skyscrapers and big city lights
They can’t compare to those wide open skies

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