Mothlights Kelartic
16. January 2023 By Walter Price 0


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Mothlights Kelartic

by Walter Price

Seminal albums by The Beatles and Beach Boys to hallowed Brian Eno and Bowie masterclasses know a thing or two about atmospheric experiences. And it appears that Washington D.C. songwriter/producer Rishi Gupta has taken meticulous notes. His Mothlights project has released quit the journey with its single “Kelartic”.

Firstly, I had to look up the word kelartic. Turns out the best-worded definition is from the single’s press sheet, “Kelartic refers to an invented world language which would make it possible for members of different communities to connect and communicate.” Secondly, not only is this song a resounding meditation on the indescribable things happening around us… it’s a beautifully layered, eclectic, and mystical composition that is best described, by me, as a fascinating voyage through a composer’s psyche. Not a single moment will leave you ho-hummed.

It’s somewhat of a bold move to break the pop song mold and craft something as vast as “Kelartic”, but here we are and it’s a remarkable result. You can experience this thought-provoking brilliance, here at the GTC.


Artwork, artists photo, and quote courtesy of Public Display PR

Written and recorded by Rishi Gupta

saxophone – Sarah Hughes
bass – Mackenzie Voytko
all else – Rishi Gupta

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Wade past wrecked revolutions
And defeated utopias
To start our exile

I wanted to tell someone
Write a new language just for the end
With syllables sweet
Letters that crumble like buildings

One that could mourn with fire now doused and shadowed
One that could say what it was for all this to go.

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