absinthe father
17. January 2023 By Walter Price 0

..if I could still love you, ABSINTHE FATHER Bells

absinthe father Bells is available on moving forward LP: Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer

absinthe father

by Walter Price

From the ‘Moving Forward LP comes a delicate negotiation- of sorts- single “Bells” by Oakland shoegaze poet absinthe father. The lyrics to this track have hung around in my noggin for a spell. Breathing varying images to life as its words play out, “…but if you want it/ you know I’ll be there/I’ll come runnin’ with bells in my hair/ and if you needed someone else, too/ you know I’d give it up if I could still love you…”

Hauntingly vulnerable to say the least. But what is it all about? Faded or unrequited love? A storyline of a John Hughes film? Or is it navigating the terms of an ending? The song opens with these beautifully profound lines, “I always felt like the edge was better than the center/ because the long way around will show you how to resign/ yourself to the end of it…” Perhaps it’s best, as I have, to let this weighty and poetic song simmer for a while and it will find its place in your individualized storyline. Like all well-written verses have their way of doing.

I’d suggest you play the entire ‘Moving Forward‘ LP but in this short attention span world, time may prohibit such a commitment, so take “Bells” for a stream here at the GTC. And I’m certain the rest will follow…


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by absinthe father
mixed, engineered, and produced by phillip odom
mastered by will yip

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