The Ferdy Mayne
14. February 2023 By Walter Price 0

…love and lust, THE FERDY MAYNE Diver

The Ferdy Mayne (Turner Porter) Diver is available on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Deezer

The Ferdy Mayne

by Walter Price

Jason & The Scorchers, Old 97s, The Replacements, The Bottle Rockets, or any of your fave hard-hitting genre-blurring names that may come to mind will dig the most recent single “Diver” from Detroit rocknroller The Ferdy Mayne. The oh-so-highs and drunken lows of the coming-of-age tale replete with the storyteller’s flare for poetic truths and chainsaw guitar riffs take us through this short speaker-popping single. In a Tweet, songwriter, Shane O’Malley Firek, has noted that “Diver” is a song about love and lust in youth. Plain and simple.” Oh, the memories…

I’ve been about my brain
I’ve bottled up my neck
Where’s the liquor?
Cause I aint been liquored yet
Green homes like sailing eyes
Collapsed around my chest
Where’s the water?
So I can drown my serpents left

Kind of like it when you move
There’s notice in deep sea sex
Shallow water, deep sea diver
I can’t quit begging for my death
And I cannot protest
Shallow water, deep sea diver

Since we’ve all weathered, some better than others, the tumultuous journey through just trying to figure shit out in our youths and far into our adult worlds, we now have a new anthem to soundtrack all those not so faded recollections. Stream it below before The Ferdy Mayne becomes Turner Porter…


Artist photo via Facebook // Quotes via Twitter & Facebook // Lyrics via Bandcamp

Lyrics, vocals, guitar: Shane O’Malley Firek
Drums: Aaron Diehl
Bass: Derrick Mallory
Production: Aaron Diehl, Shane O’Malley Firek
Remixed and remastered by Ben Collins

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Some of you know that side of me and some don’t. I was processing a breakup/my heavy drinking and it turned out to be a song a lot of people in SE Michigan know. This song is lightning in a bottle. This song is energy. Use it. I did for quite a while…” – TFM

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