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In His Own Words: Lemmy Kilmister on not owning a house and being a threat

Lemmy Kilmister / Motörhead have a new album of cover tracks, ‘Under Cöver’, available for pre-order here.

Lemmy Kilmister


“I can’t afford it. We didn’t sell many albums. I wrote the words to ‘Mama, I’m Coming Home’ for Ozzy [Osbourne], and I made more from that song than I had from Motörhead at that point. I’m not going to die broke, but I’m not rich. I pay taxes [in the U.S.], but I’m not a citizen, they won’t give me citizenship. I got busted for two sleeping pills on New Year’s Eve in 1971, so, obviously, I’m a threat to the kids in America, you know.”






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