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26. November 2019 By Walter Price 0

We’re fading slowly, VIDEO/SINGLE: THE KNOW – “143” [Jennifer Farmer, director]

The Know – 143 is available @ Bandcamp.


by Walter Price

Be honest, a lot of the shoegaze options are self-indulgent fare. And that’s fine. Heavy laments are needed to help emotions churn. But it doesn’t hurt to slip in a wink and a smile from time to time. The Know’s recent single “143” has its weighty depths accompanied by a smidge or two of quirky visual inducing lyrics. For example, “I start to feel the ache/ In the city by the lake/ And Billy Corgan’s there/ He’s in a fuckin’ stupid cape/ And we couldn’t look away”.

It’s fun because it’s true.

And if you remember Tom Waits’ 1974 working for the weekend classic‘ “(Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Night”, then this track will ring familiar. “143” adds to the vitality, introduces an array of characters, and highlights the fleeting moments of what seems like an endless succession of unforgettable memories in the making. All relatable and sadly, it’s also, for me, a reminder that these days of freedom too quickly fade away.

As much as the lyrics create mental pictures, the video, directed by the duo’s Jennifer Farmer, really drives the sentiments home. The party, the late-night hangs, the possibility of hallucinogenic journeys (allegedly)…It’s a tactile and authentic film. Again, a reminder of the significance that personalities and situations involuntarily become.

Check out the music video below and keep an eye out for a self-titled EP sometime in 2020.

Weekends are all we ever wanna do…


143 written by The Know [Daniel Knowles / Jennifer Farmer]
Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Dan Knowles

Director: Jennifer Farmer
DP: Joe Rubinstein
Producer: Vlad Ionescu
Edited by Joe Rubinstein & The Know.

Cast: Katy Dolle, John-Jonne Smith, Phoebe Phaigh, Aria Cusano, Jennifer Farmer, Kris Correa, Julia Voth, Liz Kondelik, Andy Sinclair, Colin Coleman, and Vlad Ionescu. Special Thanks to Damian Anastasio

Band photo by Joe Rubinstein

the know 143

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