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The better friend, VIDEO/SINGLE: MAITA – “Can’t Blame A Kid” [Maria Maita-Keppeler, director]

Maita – Can’t Blame A Kid is from the Best Wishes LP avail for pre-order @ Kill Rock Stars.


by Walter Price

Shhh, that not so subtle groundswell you hear is the excitement building around Portland alt-rockers Maita and their new single “Can’t Blame A Kid”. Indie and major press unanimously going all-in on this outfit led by the powerful Maria Maita-Keppeler, who, on this single, blows up your earbuds with a track of personally experienced truths. A telling of a young lopsided friendship, confidence and soul-sucking relationship that will no doubt evoke likewise memories for many. All wrapped up in a sonic force that will remind you of the raw energy of L7 and the sensitivities of Silversun Pickups.

“The process of writing this song brought me to the realization that I can’t go on blaming other people for my insecurities, particularly when those people were twelve years old at the time of their supposed ‘crimes.’ Children are like dogs…they are innocent,” – Maita-Keppeler

And the accompanying video is just as impressive. Not just because of its no-budget DIY brilliance, but for the strength of its simplicity. Childlike finger painting on a basement whiteboard exemplifies the staying power of youth. Or youth’s experiences that linger and forge new yous. All shot by the band’s namesake using an iPhone, proving, once again, that money couldn’t have bought this kind of cool.

“Can’t Blame A Kid” is from the forthcoming ‘Best Wishes’ LP, coming in early 2020 via Kill Rock Stars.


Can’t Blame A Kid

Directed by Maria Maita-Keppeler

Best Wishes

Maria Maita-Keppeler: lead vocals, harmonies, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Matthew Zeltzer: electric guitar, harmonies
Nevada Sowle: bass guitar
Cooper Trail: piano, keyboards, drums, percussion, harmonies

Skip Vonkuske: cello (“Best Wishes…”)
John Morgan Askew: synth (“Can’t Blame A Kid”)

Artist photo by Tristan Paiige


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