Felony Case
25. November 2019 By Walter Price 0

NEW OLD SCHOOL: FELONY CASE – ‘Strangers Give More’ EP

Felony Case – Strangers Give More is available to stream @ Spotify.

Felony Case

by Walter Price

Whether you’re a diehard fan of the theatrics of Scorpions or Dio, the bluesy punch of Heart and/or Hagar or perhaps the crunchy riffs of Mötley Crüe, Greece’s indie metal outfit Felony Case have your 80s era rockin’ metal covered with their debut EP ‘Strangers Give More’.

With a gritty production value, the player’s skills shine through as does dynamic vocalist Faidra Potsika’s knack for dramatic delivery. Which brings me to some opinionated downsides of this burgeoning rock band. While all the ingredients are in full effect on this 4-track release, there seems to be an unbalanced direction in the production. It’s not clear what the band finds more important, the power of the stout vocals or the need to show off the band’s undeniable talents. Work out these minor kinks and there is no doubt that this is a band you’ll see at all your local rock n roll festivals…

With that said, this is a band to have on your radar and you can stream the new old school EP and check out a live performance below.


Band photo via Facebook

Vocals: Faidra Potsika
Bass: Antonis Adam
Drums: Vaggelis Goulas
Guitar: George Gousias
Keyboards: Alexandros Papanastasiou

Felony Case

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