Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts
6. October 2020 By Walter Price 0


Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts – Nowhere To Go But Everywhere, available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts

by Walter Price

The recent single, “Jesus & John Lennon”, from acclaimed Fort Worth-based Trans Atlantic rock n rollers Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts is a cinematic triumph in storytelling. With co-writing credits going to Ryan Hamilton and E Street Band’s Steven Van Zandt, this singalong inducing song cleverly name-checks many famed yet doomed relationships as it laments the realities of fate.

She goes to church on Sunday Morning
To cleanse her soul of Saturday night
She knows she could have listened
To all those warnings
All that prayin’ ain’t gonna save her life

Just like Jesus and John Lennon
A beautiful beginning
But it’s all gonna fall apart
Just like Marilyn and Joe
You better have somewhere to go
Or you’re off to a real bad start
Like The Rolling Stones and Brian Jones
Linda Lovelace and oral sex
Some things just weren’t meant to last.
Say goodbye with no regrets

In a quote provided to the GTC, the band’s vocalist Hamilton provides some backstory, “Do you ever feel like, no matter what, some things are destined to fall apart? No matter what you do, the end result is the same. This song is about that, and I was thrilled to take the concept, and the song, to the next level, by having the opportunity to co-write it with Stevie Van Zandt.”

This single, with its brilliant wordsmithery and undeniable melody, is a pure Americana beaut. And if you’re a fan of Lukas Nelson, Rhett Miller, and/or Tom Petty, then add this one to your favorite some-things-weren’t-meant-to-last playlist.

“Jesus & John Lennon” is taken from the ‘Nowhere To Go But Everywhere’ LP (Wicked Cool Records) and you can stream the album as well as watch the single’s lyrics video, below.


Artist photo by Roger Rabbit

Artists quote courtesy of Earshot Media

Ryan Hamilton – Guitars/vocals
Mickey Richards – Drums
Rob Lane – Bass

Dave Draper – Guitars, Keys & Programming
Kay Hanley – Backing Vocals ‘Oh No’
Emily Ewing – Backing Vocals
Dave Little – Pedal Steel
Ryan Taylor – Hammond & Keys
Carol Hodge – Piano ‘Southern Accents’
Ben Marsden – Slide Guitar

Backing Vocals
Mike Peters ‘Jesus & John Lennon’
Beth Macari ‘Newcastle Charm’
Lesley Stanbury ‘Newcastle Charm’

Gang Vocals – Mike Peters, Nick Parker & The False Alarms, Project Revise, Anton Cederlund,
Ben Marsden, Rory Hebbleworth, Dave Draper, Rob Lane

Album Cover Art by Ryan Hamilton
Album Photography by Ryan Hamilton
Album Title Text by Daz Lawson
Package Design by Rob Lane

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I actually own Jack Kerouac’s belt,” Ryan reveals, referencing the legendary 1950s beat poet whose classic work ‘On The Road’ provides the album’s title. “I got it from the folks who handle his estate. It’s a cherished possession. The belt is actually pictured on the back of the new album art. Kerouac is a hero, and because of the way this album was written, his spirit is all over it.” – R. Hamilton

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