quarantine music pt 3
10. May 2020 By Walter Price 0

One day I know You’re gonna have to fly: QUARANTINE MUSIC Pt 3

Quarantine Music Pt 3 is provided by artists who care.

As the worldwide pandemic and subsequent sequestering linger on (and on), along with all the obligatory twiddling thumbs, paranoias, financial struggles, and/or the understanding that swallowing disinfectants is a terrible idea. There’s one thing we all have in common, the need to feel connected. Not just with partners, family, or friends but the normalcy that our favorite music artists have always brought us. And in these trying times, many, music makers are staying connected to their fans by releasing homemade tracks/videos that are a super-mix of thought-provoking and smile-inducing.

Each week, we’ll share some of the crème de la crème. And please keep in mind, that many of these tracks have personal donations or vast reaching charities connected to them. So help the indie artists and the causes that will get us all through this ordeal.

You are not alone…


Pt 6

Eleri Angharad – Blank Walls (live)


“Hello Everyone! I hope you are all doing as best you can in lockdown and staying safe 🙂 I thought I’d do a live version of my new single Blank Walls from my little living room studio so I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the full single version. – Lots of love, Eleri 

Pt 5

Drive-By Truckers – Quarantine Together


“Once again, DBT nails exactly what we’re feeling right now. Unreal. I was at one of their last live shows in DC before everything shut down. Thanks, guys.” – A. Rich (youtube comment)

Pt 4

Matt York – It’ll Be Easier in the Morning (Hothouse Flowers cover)


“Hope this post finds everyone doing okay. I always loved this uplifting tune by the 1980’s Irish band Hothouse Flowers called “It’ll Be Easier in the Morning”. I’ll try post a couple of songs each week until life returns to normal.” – M. York

Pt 3

Ben Osborn at Kiremico Sessions at Schoneweide


“So one day, me & Kiremico Media went for a walk in the woods with a banjo (lent by Grizzly Bird)… and we filmed a song of mine, The Only Thing. I wanted to have another version of this song out in the world, especially at this strange and dark time. I hope you enjoy it. Please share it around.” – B. Osborn

Pt 2

ALEIGH – The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie cover)


“Any Bowie fans out there? If so, you might know this one! Sean has done another amazing job putting this all together. Let us know what you think and maybe throw some suggestions our way for what songs you might like us to do next? 🤗 We love a challenge! Have a lovely weekend folks! Sending love ❤ Xxx, Aleigh”

Pt 1

Lukas Nelson – “Stars Made Of You” (Quarantunes Evening Session)


“Stars Made Of You’ is one of those songs that takes on its own life each time we play it, and we love performing it live to different crowds! We hope you enjoy listening to this stripped back version (on this Thursday) night. #NakedGarden 🌻” – L. Nelson

All music and images are the property of the creator. Please follow the provided links for further credits.

quarantine music pt 3

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