A Fault In This Machine
11. May 2020 By Walter Price 0

…faces from the last song, MURMUR TOOTH – A Fault In This Machine

Murmur Tooth – A Fault In This Machine is available at Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

It’s impossible to pigeonhole the art that Murmur Tooth’s Leah Hinton conjures up. As her debut full-length album, ‘A Fault In This Machine’, will testify. Imagine nine songs to soundtrack darkly-wound nursery rhymes or maybe its what modern-day Surrealism sounds like. Far fetched? Not in the slightest, as you’ll find that this album is full of shadowy intrigue, poetic mystery laced lyrics, and heeps of mind-boggling whimsy sewn in. Simply, each melodic track here is as beautiful and playful as they are complex.

For example, the delicately spooky title track will have you perplexed at first listen then have you in a whispery singalong the next…

Feed the flesh of the face
Drink the light before it’s gone
Oh but I like these rules
They have suited me just fine
The good side
Board a plane to Ho Chi Min
Count the days until I can make something worthwhile again
Haven’t found a place for all the faces from the last song
The moon has grown a dozen times since then
And who are you in someone else’s land?
They danced children in front of my cold hand

Gloomy, poetical, twisty, and stunning…and this is just track #1 folks. And you can stream the entire phenomenally one-of-a-kind album below.

A Fault In This Machine

Artist photo by Leah Hinton

Written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Leah Hinton.
Mastered by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering
Trumpet on Memory played by Kelly O’Donohue

A Fault In This Machine

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It has taken me a couple of years hunkered down on my little nerd station, but I’m getting there as a “full-stack musician”. This is the first full-length album I’ve made from start to finish (excluding mastering – that’s still a bit beyond me!). It’s all my lost and all my love laid out in hertz and decibels, and it has been my sense of purpose through a time adrift.” – l. Hinton

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