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12. May 2020 By Walter Price 0

…a sense for the guilt, SINGLE: MELT DOWNER – Gross White

Melt Downer – Gross White is available at Bandcamp.

Melt Downer

by Walter Price

With teeth bared scathing snarl, art-punk purveyors of controversy Melt Downer’s recent lockdown look at mainstream vs. malestream, “Gross White”, will have fans of PiL, Back Bananas, and/or Pussy Galore twisting in their anxieties. A sonic blast contemplating on how we got into such bizarre societal norms and how do we move forward… Although the band offers no solid answers, (how could they, it’s tricky), the rock n roll they’ve produced will move you and perhaps spark a challenging conversation or two.

And as a fairly placed disclaimer, I’d like to say that while the vibe of this track is pure contemplative discord and I assume its a kick to the head of how patriarchy is blatantly unbalanced and unlikely to be sustainable in the future… There are enough locution twists here to cause understandable confusion. But hey, it’s been lyrical interpretation and dissension that’s flavored rock n roll since its inception…


Band photo provided by Numavi Records.

Melt Downer
Wolfgang Möstl
Mario Zangl
Florian Giessauf

Video by Wolfgang Möstl & Kevin Pham

melt downer

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Since the world went down the drain again, Melt Downer have been swimming against the streams – against the mainstream, against the Malestream. Being arrested in the present allows well-organized views of the patriarchal system of the past and the threatening, backward-looking small-mindedness of the future.” – press release

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