Kat Hamilton
13. May 2020 By Walter Price 0

..we are good enough, SINGLE: KAT HAMILTON – Medicine Line [Allee Futterer, producer]

Kat Hamilton – Medicine Line is available at Apple Music.

Kat Hamilton

by Walter Price

Life is a twisty road, at best. An undeniably personal journey, even if the mile markers seem familiar. And if you find yourself traveling through the landscapes of recovery, choose a flavor, many nuanced moments can leave indelible marks. And if you’re a young seasoned songwriter, these experiences can culminate in a beautifully sentimental and tactile song. An oral history, of sorts.

Kat Hamilton has been there done that and her recent vignette, “Medicine Line”, is a delicate yet confident tale of her experiences in a recovery center. And if you’ve been through one, you’ll certainly, instantly, relate. And if you’re at the crossroads of wanting, needing, to change…this track is a palpable inspiration.

This single is from the forthcoming album, aptly titled, ‘Recovery Songs’, and the songwriter explains the backstory, “The music was inspired by being knocked down and getting back up. Going to the darkest places in yourself and in life and managing to make it through. I went through hell and found a way to be okay, but I like to think that this work can resonate with people who aren’t in the recovery process. Anyone who’s ever struggled could relate to this music”

If you’re a fan of Alanis Morissette, Liz Phair, and/or the New Radicals, then this track will slide nicely into your life-is-real playlist. And you can stream the single and her newer release, “Amnesia”, below.

KAT HAMILTON Medicine Line

+ Amnesia

Artist photo by Nicolette Daskalakis

Produced by Allee Futterer (The Astronots)
Engineered by Vira Biramji (Father John Misty)
Mixed by Ryan Gilligan (Kevin Garrett, Solange)
Mastered by Joe La Porta

Kat Hamilton

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I feel like emo and country have so much in common. They are both a few chords and a story. So even though they may seem like an unlikely fit, I see them as doing the same job…” – K. Hamilton

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