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14. May 2020 By Walter Price 0

When you fall through time, SINGLE/VIDEO: BLUE FISH DIAMOND – Do You Wonder

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by Walter Price

Life’s journey is full of what-ifs, suppositions that can weigh heavy. None more burdensome than giving a child up for adoption and then, after time has transformed a soul, the life-that-could-have-been scenarios start to be pondered in force.

Dublin’s folk collective Blue Fish Diamond’s recent single, “Do You Wonder”, is a delicate and sentimental ode to one of life’s more polarizing human experiences. As the track’s blurb explains, “Do You Wonder speaks to a mother who gave her son up for adoption when she was very young. Years later, she wonders what her life might have been like had her decision been different.”

Do you wonder
Where you’re going?
When you fall through time
So much older
Over your shoulder
See a different life

Heavy hands count a million souls
With beads of sweat, they ring their toll
To the shore
She knows she must go
There for evermore

Although there may be a pro-life undertone to this track, more importantly, its an examination of doing the right, complicated, thing…regardless. Letting the cards fall where they may. And if you’re a fan of the Beatles, Glen Hansard, and/or Damien Rice, then this track will slide nicely into your life-is-a-highway playlist.


Video by Lacuna Creations

Song written by Jim Murphy

Performed by:
Jim Murphy (rhythm guitar & lead vocals)
Shay Sweeney (drums)
Ronan Quinn (bass)
Laura Ryder (piano)
Axel McDonald (lead guitar)
Matilda O’Mahony (backing vocals)
Ella Ryan (backing vocals)

Arranged and produced by Gavin Glass

Blue Fish Diamond

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Broken birds in a yellow sky
Can’t see their eyes but she hears them cry
Take your place
And don’t you forsake
This golden child

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