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Who would you be with opportunity?: TACOCAT – “New World” (single/video)

Tacocat – ‘This Mess Is a Place’, available @ Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

In this new topsy-turvy world bursting at its seams with torturous Trumpconian policies, bewildering Brexit, global warming denying goobers, and the devasting war on women’s rights, Tacocat is here to un-harsh your mellow. Even, if, just temporally.

The recent track “New World” is a song of fantastic optimism. Full of what-ifs and much-needed escapism from our current societal/global woes. “I woke up today and everything was different/ Didn’t have to feel bad for a change/ I woke up today and everything was better/ Put back together, rearranged”

Sure, this kind of positivity can seem like a fanciful dream. But with the Summer upon us and the power for change in our powers (allegedly), this track is a ton of hope wrapped up in addictive indie-pop-hooks and shiny psych grooves.

“New world, new shining planet
Confetti raining from the sky
Who would you be with opportunity?
Can you imagine having everything?”

“New World” is from the band’s recent ‘This Mess Is a Place’, via Sub Pop. And you can witness the Sean Downey directed, Jena Pyle animated consciousness-expanding, color-fest film below.

Make change happen…


Emily Nokes – Bree McKenna – Eric Randall – Lelah Maupin

Directed by: Sean Downey
Animated by Jena Pyle
DP: Ben Schauland
Special Thanks: Andrew Hall and Tyler Fiala

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