Kat Hasty
11. July 2023 By Walter Price 0

…this town ropes you in, KAT HASTY Midland

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Kat Hasty

by Walter Price

I’m not too sure how many songs have been written about the oft-overlooked Permian Basin city of Midland, TX but I am certain none have been as purely accurate as the one singer-songwriter Kat Hasty has given us.

“Midland”, from a barebones 3-track EP of the same name is a jilted ode to the desert city not too far from my youthful stomping grounds of Odessa. This personal song is a redneck girl’s balance of love and lighthearted disdain for the place she once called home. Much of the heart of the song may be the wink-and-a-smile intro recalling Hasty’s brother’s F-150 declaration…If you know, you know how keeping the record straight on such matters is of the utmost importance. But through and through this tune is a classic story song that’d cause Reba, Fender, and Lambert to turn up the radio.

All and all, the entire truncated album is a masterclass of less is more and truths can shine brighter than tall tales. For example, track three, “You Get Half”, is a cute recollection of a best friend’s endless optimism of winning a smallish jackpot from the state lottery but promising to share the loot and maybe some petty larceny along the way. But again, Hasty’s intro clarification for her BFF’s parents is all the magic.

Storytellers don’t come much better than Kat Hasty and her latest release. And you can get roped in with “Midland” as well as the full set, here at the GTC.


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Written and performed by Kat Hasty

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