Dutty Moonshine Big Band
10. July 2023 By Walter Price 0

…gotta let loose, DUTTY MOONSHINE BIG BAND Skank Out

Dutty Moonshine Big Band feat. MC Pean Skank Out is avail. on Apple, Deezer, Bandcamp

Dutty Moonshine Big Band

by Walter Price

In betwixt my formative era, ‘skank out’ had a totally derogatory connotation, in street-speak, anyway. So when the UK’s contenders for number one party starters Dutty Moonshine Big Band dropped their most recent festival-sized powderkeg single, “Skank Out” (feat. MC Pean), I had a brief moment of, “WTF!?”.

But worry not Mes frères et sœurs, as with most things, the origins of the term has a much more party-centric meaning. According to the urban dictionary, Skank Out is “A very satisfying, face-screwing raving moment, when you can properly let loose and go wild with the dirty drum & bass beats.” Oh, how DMBB & MC Pean have delivered just that, AGAIN!

So, roll one and pop some bubbly…Soon it’ll become apparent that we’ve already won, as “Skank Out” (video) is determined to get you properly groovin’ and hip-swiveling twisted!


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