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30. March 2022 By Walter Price 0

…everybody’s got issues, ABBY J HALL Tough Love

Abby J Hall – Tough Love is available at Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer.

abby j hall

by Walter Price

Finding connectivity is increasingly daunting in this steaming age. So many distractions and it’s only multiplying and the recent single, “Tough Love”, from burgeoning pop star Abby J Hall laments just that. Screentime replacing the need for interpersonal interactions. There really is truth to being alone in a crowded room

I’ve never felt so alone
With most of the world stuck on their phones
It’s who should listen, who should talk
Start a fire or just walk away
I’ve seen a wolf as a pope
Clung to fear and held to hope these days

But everybody’s got issues baby
Who’s to say who’s to blame
If it’s too much on your shoulders
Then we all could share a little more weight
Centre stage I put on a show
But who am I as curtains close

If all we need is love
Why is it sooooo tough

With a sweet vibe and sing-a-long ready lyrics, this song is an earnest and weighty track that will resonate with anyone wanting to get back to the days when tactile communication was a thing. Finger snaps, sparse beats, and the softness that the piano provides, all and all making this a summertime song for the here and now. And this single will certainly find fans of Lorde, Kimbra, and Tove Lo adding it to their favorite live-in-the-moment playlists.

You can stream “Tough Love” as well as the music video lovely music video, filmed at the Millworks Creative District in Dundas, ON, now at the GTC.

ABBY J HALL Tough Love

Artist photo via YouTube // Quote courtesy of Auteur Research

Performed by, Abby J Hall
Songwriters: Abby J Hall and Tal Vaisman
Produced by, Tal Vaisman

abby j hall

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“Tough Love” also challenges our own definition of what love really means and shows us who we are when times get hard. We witness a lot of division and dehumanization these days when arguments focus on the issue instead of the person. Although I think it’s healthy to hear another’s point of view – you don’t have to agree with it, but how else do we learn if we never look past our own horizons? You are enough…” – AJ Hall

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