31. October 2013 By Walter Price 0

Your GTC Top 5 Posts for 31 October 2013

Imperial State Electric
‘Reptile Brain Music’
We’ve had a very enjoyable last couple of days over here at The GTC Top 5.

I suppose everyone is getting themselves ready for the holidays as we’ve seen Alle Royale’s review page hit record number of views. It’s a great place to go for your gift ideas for sure!

Speaking of reviews, Ken Michaels’ look at Paul McCartney’s ‘NEW’ is riding high as well. If Paul had Ken on his promo team he may have sold more albums out of the gate. Just saying…

We also introduced our series “Get To Know Your GTC Contributors” and what a grand response these fun bits have been receiving! We should have done those things earlier. Thanks for checking them out! We expect them to be high on The Weekly Top 10 next Monday. 

As always friends, thank you so very much for coming over to take a look at our goings on! Much Love…

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  3. Get To Know Your GTC Contributors: Claudia Price
  4. Review: Tom Keifer – ‘The Way Life Goes’
  5. Neal Casal Keeps On Trickin’
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