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Mammoth Mammoth Will Bring You Hell (w/ The Quill)

‘Volume III – Hell’s Likely’
I was going to write something clever about the upcoming, Europe conquering, Mammoth Mammoth tour but between the band and our very own Rockzilla of album reviews, Alle Royale, they had already said plenty. 

From Alle Royale’s review of Volume III – Hell’s Likely

“In a scene that, in the last years, went over saturated with bands with the same characteristics, Mammoth Mammoth are gaining themselves an elephantine credit just on the strength of these seven songs, simple but stuffed with all the right ingredients: no concession to epic complexity, doom landscapes or goth posing, but hatchet cropped riffs and naked women. If you get the cd version of the album, you are going to get also the MM Volume I EP as a bonus, while MM Volume II has just been reprinted on coloured vinyl for your collector’s itches.” – Alle Royale (Read the full review here)

And some poignant words from Mammoth Mammoth’s very own website:

“More than 200 years ago, four men were transported from Europe and sentenced to life imprisonment on the harsh penal colony of Australia – their only crime, killing unicorns to feed their families. On that day, each swore an oath of revenge upon the continent that had forsaken them and the creatures that had condemned them.”

“Now, the seed of this foul prophecy has finally born its bloody fruit. The four sole descendants of these men – Mammoth Mammoth have finally escaped Australia and will be joining forces with Swedish metal barbarians, The Quill, to rain down thunderous riffs across Europe and unleash a crushing wave of brutal murder-fuzz aimed at decimating every last living unicorn.” – Mammoth Mammoth

Well then… Skip the paying of your flat’s rent and snap up some show tickets, you only live once and a while!

Some Tour Stops
8 Nov. – Hamburg, DE 
9 Nov. – Osnabrück, DE
10 Nov. – Rotterdam, NL
13 Nov. – Manchester, UK
14 Nov. – London, UK
15 Nov. – Biebob, BE
17 Nov. – Köln, DE
18 Nov. – Freiburg, DE
19 Nov. – Segen, DE
21 Nov. – Leipzig, DE
22 Nov. – Berlin, DE
23 Nov. – Bremen, DE

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