Don Brownrigg The Same Time
29. March 2022 By Walter Price 0

All of these blurry lines, DON BROWNRIGG The Same Time

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Don Brownrigg The Same Time

by Walter Price

Halifax-based singer-songwriter Don Brownrigg sure knows his way around a catchy melody as he captures the complexities of falling in love. His latest single “The Same Time” has a little nostalgia sewn throughout its sweet fabric. Like those soft folk-pop tunes that used to flutter out of your parent’s old station wagon speakers.

Or perhaps something more contemporary from the likes of Riley Pearce, Adam Greenall, or Sam Beam is more in your wheelhouse. No worries, the overall vibe here is Brownrigg writes beautiful songs to soothe your soul. Peaceful, easy feelings to soundtrack the fascinating, if not a little sweetly complicated, life experiences.

I could wait for
You to make up my mind
Make some sense of
All of these blurry lines
But who am I?
You decide, you decide

Like a song you hate
by your favourite band
I’m a place you crash
A safe place to land
At the same time

Don Brownrigg is an observer and documentarian and we the listeners get to go along on his journeys via his music. What a gift. You can stream this particular experience, here at the GTC.


Artist photo and bio quote via Don Brownrigg dot ca // Artwork courtesy of Auteur Research PR

Produced By: Erin Costelo
Additional production: Kyle Mischiek

Don Brownrigg – vocals
Erin Costelo – backing vocals, keys
Kyle Mischiek – Electric Guitar
Mike Farrington – Bass
Clive McNutt – Acoustic Guitar

Don Brownrigg The Same Time

website // facebook // instagram

“Don Brownrigg can’t help but be interested in the world around him. The last few years have seen him travel to Asia with a puppeteering troupe, pursue studies in Osteopathy, work behind the scenes as a festival presenter, and fall in and out of love twice. These travels across geography and through experiences form the thematic foundation of his new album, Fireworks. Brownrigg says he was “living a lot of life” over the last several years. “I figure I’m a poor man’s polymath.” – bio

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