MasonRoseGray End
28. March 2022 By Walter Price 0


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MasonRoseGray End

by Walter Price

Singer-songwriter MasinRoseGray is a proven pop chameleon. Switching up her tone and style with each and every powerful new single. Her most recent message, “End”, takes the baritone into Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen territories. Hold on tightly listeners, this track is an emotional hold-no-punches ride.

Below the song’s music video, a statement reads, “Bringing conscious awareness to mental health issues, with this dark mysterious art piece “end” accurately representing how lack of love, fear, and rejection can lead to despair, loneliness, and feeling out of control. This can cause us to turn to substances for comfort to help ease the pain.

“It’s important we understand the root cause of these issues and teach future generations ways to cope and prevent. Suicide has become the leading cause of death and must be addressed.”

A bone-white Dodge Charger, a vintage trailer, a tear-stained Gray, and a devastating closing scene that’ll leave you twisted make this music film feel way too real. What a potent result from Gray and Levi DeSantis. No hyperbole intended here, but, for me, these visuals, the message, and Gray’s earnestness are her vulnerable best, so far.

“End” may not be the kind of anthem you’re accustomed to, but its purpose is clear, you’re not as alone in your mental health journey as you may think. Please, reach out.

Suicidal Hotline 800-273-8255


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Song by MasonRoseGray

Video by Levi DeSantis

masonrosegray end

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I’ve always had trouble understanding death, for me, it’s made me extremely uncomfortable. Putting my hand in the flame has helped me better understand and relate” – MasonRoseGray

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