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Claudia Price On Memory Lane

The Jayhawks – “Rainy Day Music’ 2003
By C. Price

“If I ever die of a heart attack I hope it will be from playing my stereo too loud. Music has been my playmate, my lover and my crying towel. Music expresses feeling and thought without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.” – Anonymous

Well and there again I wish I would have met the person that expressed such beautiful words as the above. It more than exactly describes the years without children and I say that without shame. Music was my first love!
That’s why I thought it would be very interesting to put together my so far all time favorite music and hopefully you will share yours with us. It doesn’t have to be long or extra detailed but combined with a little story and your memories we would like to get to know you better.

Part 1

The Jayhawks – “Rainy Day Music” (2003)
One of the albums you can listen to in one simple run and not find a song that you didn’t like. It is close to perfect that’s why I called it my cleaning music which actually doesn’t sound nice but is meant in nothing than a positive way. It was the time right around when I moved from Beverungen, Germany to Vienna, Austria for no reason. I didn’t have a job in sight just some vague ideas that in the end didn’t work out but I had one friend and she kindly took me under her wing. How time flies. Thank you Miss Suzi and also to The Jayhawks.

The Decemberists – The Crane Wife (2006)
First of all “The Crane Wife” is one of the many, many, many CDs I’ve lost during, well, let’s put it nicely, our move to the US. I put the album in my player (it was way back when) and it started with a BOOM! Not loud I mean, I just remember putting “The Crane Wife Pt.3” on repeat over and over and over…you get the idea?! Of course at one point it would be senseless not to listen to the rest of the album so I “had to” listen to the rest but I was hooked with song no.1! Living in Vienna at that time and still when it comes on I can smell my old apartment, I can hear the bus driving by and was probably waiting to go to a concert at night time. Good times I tell you, good times.

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