24. September 2013 By Walter Price 0

Deer Tick Have A Win!

Out In Most Places

By Walter Price

Holy sweeping arrangements Deer Tick!

I bet Ray Charles is up in music heaven smiling a huge smile while listening to this album…

I’ve given the new Deer Tick album ‘Negativity’ a good listen today and what a superb work it is. Absolutely the most mature and well organized of the bands five full releases.

I was expecting some ruckus alt-country stained with beer driven lyrics and what I got was an album that could have been a child born from a one-night-stand-orgy between Harry Connick Jr, The Mavericks & Modest Mouse  (Perhaps Tom Waits was there as well…)

Rhode Island native, John McCauley has come into his own as a songwriter, arranger & band leader for sure. Most likely the result of working with producer of this masterful effort, Steve Berlin (member of Los Lobos). I hate to say this but McCauley’s personal and family troubles really help here as well.

“I could cry with how happy I am listening to this record and seeing them play, knowing they’re not going to be rock ‘n’ roll casualties.” – Tim Putnam – Partisan Records (in WSJ.com)

Whatever got into McCauley, it works. I am digging tracks “Trash”, “In Our Time” (w/ John M’s girlfriend Vanessa Carlton), “Mirror Walls” & “Mr. Sticks”. I’ll need a few more listens for a full review but what a pleasure it is so far. 

If you like your music a blend of country, blues, rock and big band tinged, Deer Tick’s ‘Negativity’ is worth your time. 

“It Is Great! I’d give it all my pink princess money!” – EL Price (our daughter)

After you take a listen, come back and let us know your thoughts….

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