She's A Whole
27. February 2023 By Walter Price 0


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She's A Whole

by Walter Price

lickety-split and just like that, the currently monikered The Ferdy Mayne [Shane O’Malley Firek] has dropped another single, a barn burner called “She’s A Whole” that may leave more questions than answers at the end of its 3:44. But isn’t that the thing that makes a song stick in your noggin, twisty metaphorical and wordsmithery lyrics? Mark Everett, Adam Green, and Chuck Prophet have built solid careers at making you second guess their lyrical directions or perhaps misdirections if you will.

In a recent Facebook post, the Michigan songwriter reminisced, “I remember the days and nights surrounding “She’s A Whole” being recorded. I looked at every moment as epic, something of a story I could write down in a memoir. I’d write stream of conscious prose for hours. I’d pen and publish things in obscure literary magazines. I was creating my own legends in the face of fear.”

Ok, so now we somewhat understand Firek’s mindset during the “country rock stomper with a hook that hits like a hammer” track’s birth, but it still doesn’t flat-out provide us with a Rosetta stone to decipher lines like “Pissin’ shoes, man// Pissin’ shoe lost in collection// And all these things you do or say running around// Get your business wrapped round mine babe// And all these things you do or say runnin’ or the following verse, “I picked you up and I shot her// I shot her, shot her dead// No apologies unkept// And in this physical pilot// I got her, got her dead// Nothing more, nothing less…”

I suppose, at the end of the day, you’ll have to take The Ferdy Mayne’s own recommendation and “Give “She’s A Whole” a spin if you haven’t. It’s all about making your own myths in this life.” Now that, like the song itself, is something we can sink our teeth into.


Artist photo via Facebook // Quotes via Facebook // Lyrics via Bandcamp

Lyrics, vocals, guitar: Shane O’Malley Firek
Drums: Aaron Diehl
Bass: Derrick Mallory
Production: Aaron Diehl, Shane O’Malley Firek
Remixed and remastered by Ben Collins

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