Sammy Copley
28. February 2023 By Walter Price 0

…like it when you, SAMMY COPLEY Little Box (single)

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Sammy Copley

by Walter Price

If you’re not, such as myself, a TikTok connoisseur, you may also may be new to the sounds of burgeoning singer-songwriter Sammy Copley. So let the Irish artist’s label Tinpot Records fill us all in, “Dublin-based singer/songwriter Sammy Copley has grown up in a self-made spotlight. Inadvertently documenting his growth as a storyteller and a performer through weekly uploads to YouTube, his channel has almost a quarter of a million subscribers, this year (2021) he independently released his first full-length body of work, the majestic Growing Pains. Pouring emotion into his soothing folk-inflected ballads, Copley is ready to grow some more as he embarks on a partnership with Tinpot Records to share more of his insightful stories with the world.”

This is now and Copley has released a beautifully delicate set of bedroom pop-style lullabies called “Little Box” that feel as if they were born from the softness of a breeze and as weighty as the experiences of coming of age may feel for this storyteller. And its title track travels the all too real moments when human nature inadvertently asks us to fit in or perhaps not and/or those times when relationships are the ol square peg in the round hole metaphor. The balance between love and disdain is told in Copley’s signature featheriness and undeniable devotion to the sentimentally melodic.

If you’re a fan of earthy life’s journey-influenced ballads, stream “Little Box“, here at the GTC.


Artist photo and bio quote via Tinpot Records // Credits via YouTube

Produced by Nathan Cox
Drums by Ross Craib
Drums engineered by Joseph Futák
Cover art by Niamh Barry

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