Daisy Dreams Angst Moya Moya EP
1. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

…ghosts indeed, DAISY DREAMS Angst

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Daisy Dreams Angst

by Walter Price

Rapidly becoming one of my favorite new post-punk revivalists, München’s very own Daisy Dreams return in short fashion with a raw and bop-inducing single called, “Angst”. And if you’ve always felt like your mind is playing tricks on you, you toil over decisions made or this crazy ol world is bearing down on you like a multi-colored anvil— Now you have a brand new psych and jangle anthem to crank while you dance with wild abandon in times of uncertainty.

But, as fun of a song about navigating mental health issues as this may be, it just might be the accompanying music video that’ll have tongues wagging. The D-Dreams, pink Cobain-style sunglasses, in the forest, random fitness equipment, and plenty of sassy clowning? YES! Why not… These scenes, shot by Sara Misztela, solidify that this band’s blend of hefty subject matter and plenty of humor is a recipe for a rocknroll good time. Get ya some!

You stream and view Daisy Dreams‘ latest indelible single “Angst”, here at the GTC.


Band photo by Emanuel A. Klempa // Lyirics via Bandcamp

Lyrics: Verena Lederer
Songwriting: Simon Heinz, Daniel Mirbeth, Verena Lederer, Gregor Jaroschka, Sascha Moecker
Production/Mixing: Michael Strassmair
Mastering: John Davis

VIDEO: Camera, Sara Misztela

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i skip a beat with every step
and my intentions sometimes
are not the slightest bit correct
about what i wanna get from life
and from out all of this
it’s incredibly unnecessarily
hard to wrap my head around
the last bits of what’s left of this
and i don’t believe that on the other side
it’s getting anymore candy like
and sugar-coated fairydust
will pave my way so i just say

the ghosts indeed
the will just keep on haunting me
and the paths we keep they’re not
necessarily good for me

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