Daisy Dreams Poolday
5. January 2023 By Walter Price 0


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Daisy Dreams Poolday

by Walter Price

Munich ‘supergroup’, if you will, Daisy Dreams sure know how to produce a soft swell and dreamy post-punk melody. Made evident by their ultra-delicious recent single “Poolday”. With vocalist Verena Lederer’s otherworldly delivery fading in and out of the boys in the band’s airy arrangement, this is a lush modern rock pop song with its DNA threaded in the hallowed Early 80s movement that changed music forever.

But the song itself is just part of this single’s story, Daisy Dreams (formerly Klimt and Apian) have also released a color-drenched music video for the track. Lederer peers into a door-cam to open up this subdued psychedelic party, as the band lackadaisically waits in their unified outfits. Then, well—watch the video to get the rest. It’s a cool set of visuals that’s hand in glove with this brilliantly constructed song.

Daisy Dreams is a new band or art collective, whichever way you want to describe them. But what is certain, straight out of the gate, this outfit is massively intriguing, and with their debut album set to drop any day now, the future of indie pop/rock looks to have new mainstays.

You can stream “Poolday” here at the GTC.


Band photo and album artwork courtesy of Daisy Dreams

Verena Lederer
Gregor Jaroschka
Daniel Mirbeth
Sascha Moecker
Simon Heinz

Michael Strassmair – Recording / Mixing
John Davis – Mastering

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The newly founded Munich band Daisy Dreams doesn’t waste time, only a few months after forming, they start playing the summer festival scene and are in the final stages of recording their debut album. it’s no surprise as the five members are no strangers to the Munich music scene. frontwoman Verena toured local and international stages with her dark pop project Klimt until 2019. the new sound is an energetic mix of dream pop, shoe gaze, and indie rock on a level that speaks from the band’s broad experience.” – bio

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