Madil Hardis Ocean Blue
6. January 2023 By Walter Price 0

MADIL HARDIS has XOV Ocean Blue, covered

Madil Hardis Ocean Blue is available on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer

Madil Hardis Ocean Blue

by Walter Price

Madil Hardis’ redux of XOV’s track “Ocean Blue” (Yin Yang 2020) feels more like an expansion of the original than a cover. Perhaps an answer to XOV’s tormented outpouring. And as fans have come to anticipate, Hardis uses her vocal agility and ethereal arrangements to transport the listener to otherworldly realms, and there’s a haunting peacefulness in this ‘yearning farewell to a lost lover’ lament.

Hardis graciously told me about this release’s backstory, “I discovered the artist XOV a few years ago – his work has a raw and authentic feel to it that I immediately connected with. When Yin Yang was released, I fell in love with the first track, “Ocean Blue”. Both lyrics and music spoke to me on a deep level. A story emerged in my head about the farewell to a lost lover. Someone who left us many years ago. Who left a wound that we grew to live with but that will never fully heal. And this is when I knew I needed to create a cover of this song.”

If you want to feel something today or just need a temporary escape, you can stream Madil Hardis’ version of “Ocean Blue” here at the GTC.


Artist photos via Facebook

Written by XOV [Damian Homat Ardestani]

REDUX composed and performed by Madil Hardis

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“Madil Hardis combines classical and electronic elements with ethereal vocals and can be described as deep and soulful Weltschmerz music, sometimes slow, sometimes faster but always full of intensity and emotion.” – bio

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