The Dracu-Las Fever Dream
9. January 2023 By Walter Price 0

NEW! The Dracu-Las Fever Dream

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The Dracu-Las Fever Dream

by Walter Price

The Dracu-Las are self-described as “…surfy garage punk for the beach goth set.” This is brilliantly accurate and of course, cool but longtime music nerds, if you will, such as you and I will undoubtedly find their brand of airy post-punk rock n roll to have its DNA linked to the era when The B-52s, Talking Heads, X-Ray Spex, and the like were tearing up dingy barrooms. But this is now and the new torchbearers of the spacey intellectual rock genre are here to trip you out and invite ya to have a think simultaneously.

Speaking to having a think, the lyrics are extremely introspective and, at times, certainly vulnerable throughout, but it’s the sneaky turn of phrases that’ll catch your amygdala off guard. In a good way. In the track “Girls” the second verse goes, “A pariah of antiquity/ Trapped in times no longer known/ Forgotten and untouchable/ It’s easier to be alone/ I don’t like your choice of words..” or on track 6, “Burning Heart”, the song closes out with, “The burning heart on the precipice of change/ When we awake to see our puppet strings/ Is it too late to fix anything.” Or this from “Tell You the News”, “Got a bad, bad habit/ Of drinking out of lonely regret/ Forcing fabrications/ In the waves of my empty patience.”… Mighty.

And those lyrics are just a small sampling of the weighty messages awaiting you within the walls of this modern-day surf punk lo-fi masterclass. If you dig breezy grooves, indelible rock-n-roll poetry, bands with ultra cool names, and album covers that’ll tweak your senses, The Dracu-Las Fever Dream is gonna shake ya up! Take it for a spin here at the GTC.

The Dracu-Las Fever Dream

Band photo via Facebook

All songs written and performed by The Dracu-Las:

Mitch Cady – Drums, Percussion
Babak Khodabandeh – Guitar
Courtney Eddington – Vocals, Bass, Keys
Kyna Damewood – Vocals, Guitar

Engineered and mixed by Mike Moebius at Moonlight Mile Recording in Hoboken, NJ

Mastered By: Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East in Somerville, MA

Artwork by Alanna Vanacore

Layout and design by Kyna Damewood

The Dracu-Las Fever Dream

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At the height of human suffering
Is the light of everything between
Ocean depths and Distant stars unseen

Oh tell me what it means
This fever dream…

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