Jordana SYT
10. January 2023 By Walter Price 0

… save your tears, JORDANA SYT (single)

Jordana SYT is from the I’m Doing Well, Thanks For Asking EP: Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal, Grand Jury Music

Jordana SYT

by Walter Price

A mature meticulously produced swelling pop song from a burgeoning bedroom/indie pop hero? It’s Jordana’s well-received single “SYT” from, arguably, her most accomplished effort to date; I’m Doing Well, Thanks For Asking. Building upon experiences and living through what it is that ails ya will do that for an artist.

The EP itself is chockablock with reflection, vulnerability and as with the first Alice Ivy-produced single, brimming with independence and perseverance. All this decked out in all its next-level pop casings feels like the next evolutionary move for this songwriter/performer.

Here’s what I will say (I’ll say)
Here is where I’ll stay (I’ll stay)
Give you some more time (time) to let you situate (ooh)
though I don’t like to wait
even at my gate
But if you give it up
I’ll grieve you just the same, so
Save your tears
Save your breath for me
Feel that fear
fear of losing me

After all the turbulence we humans have endured, and still do for sure, it’s fair to say that Jordana’s I’m Doing Well, Thanks For Asking is a more than fitting soundtrack to get us through the varying transitions we’re navigating. And let’s face it, we’re all moving on in one way or another…

Get introduced to the EP by streaming “SYT” and seeing the single’s epic Graham Epstein-directed music video here at the GTC.


Artist photo and artwork via Bandcamp

Production by
Cooper Holtzman
Cameron Hale
Alice Ivy

VIDEO Credits:
Directed/Edited by Graham Epstein
Shot by: Colter Fellows
Color: Zoe Lambert & Graham Epstein
PA: Haley Pehrson & Julian Weibel
VFX: Miguel Fernandez & Connor Ross
Thanks to Eve Epstein

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It’s fair to say the 22-year-old New York songwriter has shifted shape a few times in her short career. She got her start with homespun indie folk on Classical Notions of Happiness before jumping to the spindly bedroom pop of Something To Say To You. A year later, she was veering into the dreamy haze of her TV Girl collaboration Summer’s Over, before eventually giving way to the hi-gloss pop of Face The Wall. It’s the kind of omnivorous output the phrase something for everyone was invented for.” – Grand Jury Music

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