Duke & Goldie courage
2. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

…into the horizon, DUKE & GOLDIE Courage

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Duke & Goldie courage

by Walter Price

Hey, fans of AM radio peaceful, easy feelings, soft1970s-style country pop, and facing your fears headlong, Toronto duo Duke & Goldie’s recent single “Courage” will soundtrack many fading golden sunlit afternoons for the foreseeable future. As described by the folk-pop purists, “Our first single came in an attempt to recapture a natural high, the incredible catharsis from those ever so special moments of creative fulfillment. It can be difficult to carry these feelings forward into the more challenging, everyday grind that inevitably follows. “Courage” is about finding the strength to face your fears and self-limiting beliefs; to do what it takes to heal and grow.”

Produced by Aaron Goldstein and highlighted by a twinkling of pedal steel and dríven by Jena “Goldie” Gogo’s gentle vocals, “Courage” is a beautifully constructed track that transcends time. Folk rock is often imitated, but rarely respected and facilitated with such authenticity as this release. It’ll simply make you feel and that’s all the magic.

You can stream the stardust “Courage”, here at the GTC.


Band photo, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Duke & Goldie & Auteur Research

Jena “Goldie” Gogo
Eric “The Duke” Duquette

Produced by Aaron Goldstein

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“Duke & Goldie’s 6-song self-titled EP (May 12th, 2023) was recorded in Toronto with producer and pedal steel ace Aaron Goldstein (Julianna Riolino, Daniel Romano, Kathleen Edwards) with rhythm pros Anna Ruddick and Dani Nash. The EP charts out landscapes and stories from thrilling rocky mountain highs, to mysterious remote deserts and walks the line barefoot between warm-folk storytelling and mystical country twang. All while asking deeper questions about the duo’s place in the land they love so much.” – bio

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