The Heart Behead You
3. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

…Listen baby listen, FOXY SHAZAM Dancing With My Demons

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Dancing With My Demons

by Walter Price

Veteran Cincinnati rocknrollers Foxy Shazam’s 2022 rock opus The Heart Behead You is a true studio geek’s wet dream. An eclectic set of thoughts, vibes, variations of love, and wild whims sewn together into a brazen wildcard of an LP. Of course, some will and have lambasted its blend of glam, soul, punk, country, and far-out psychedelic flavors—but those who have turned a snotty nose have never heard broad albums from Meatloaf, The Darkness or The Flaming Lips, allegedly.

The Heart Behead You is for those who truly love peeling the layers and discovering brand new WTFs each and every time they hear an album. And speaking of Meatloaf’s masterclass rock opera Bat Out of Hell, Foxy Shazam’s single “Dancing With My Demons” feels like a future lost track. Replete with a dive bar horror-themed music video, it would be fair to offer this track up as a gateway into a weirdly stunning LP.

You can boogie to The Heart Behead You and witness the Paul Coors and Eric Nally-directed film for “Dancing With My Demons”, here at the GTC.

FOXY SHAZAM Dancing With My Demons

+ The Heart Behead You

Band photo via Bandcamp

Directed by: Paul Coors and Eric Nally
Produced by: Abby Rumpke

Directors of Photography: Jason Nix and Matt Stalf
Editing & Design: Paul Coors
Set Decoration & Props: Ashley Elizabeth Thomas

Eric Nally
Schuyler White
Alex Nauth
Teddy Aitkins
Trigger Warning
Devin Williams

website // facebook // instagram

Dancing with my demons
For I need no reasons
It’s just a feeling
Baby blue
I’m dancing with these demons
They’ve got me screaming

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