The Middle
6. March 2023 By Walter Price 0


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The Middle

by Walter Price

For nearly a decade I have been going on and on about the rocknroll journey of the FKA The Y Axes now the more goth-sounding or literary-leaning Gloomy June (gloomy june, if you will). And as the band seems to have cemented itself into the local San Francisco music scene, this outfit— with its roots in the hallowed psych movement, brilliant musicianship, several tours, and some of the tiptop songwriting indie rock/pop have heard in quite some time—its surprising that this lil community of music makers haven’t burst wide open nationally nor worldwide for that matter—and, for me, that’s a crying shame. Ok, maybe not ‘crying’, but disappointing just the same.

So for gloomy june to cover Jimmy Eat World’s surprise hit single about perseverance, belief in the fight to be heard and make it to the big time, whatever that might be for you, is more than fitting. Of course, I’m talking about JEW’s seminal hit, “The Middle”. A track I played incessantly on more than one radio program and, I think, a song that inspired millions to keep their head up even when things seemed at a dead-end and perhaps nudged a few to get their fledgling garage band on a Warped Tour stage.

gj didn’t muck around with their redux, the pop-punk sound and the sincerity and diary entry style of vocal delivery are still intact, but for the money, there’s a little something extra when Alexi Belchere delivers a verse. A candid shyness or whatever you want to call it, she and her bandmates, like most of their storied releases, kill it on this cover song.

JEW knows best, you’re not invisible and it’s never too late to be what or who you wanna be—So, don’t write yourself off yet.

gloomy june the middle

+ Jimmy Eat World

Band photo via Bandcamp

The Middle, written by Jimmy Eat World

REDUX: Produced by Aaron Hellam. Performed by gloomy june

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California dream punk band gloomy june is the soundtrack of a beach party scene, refracted through an anxious lens: sometimes anthemic, often queer, and always a little tragic. If you’ve ever felt othered or out of place, come meet your friends at a gj show” – distrokid

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